Masterpiece Jewelry Studio

I stopped into Heather's shop one day and we started discussing my daughter Megan. She was turning 16 soon and I wanted to give her something special. Heather remembered that I still had my engagement ring mounting (which had been in my jewelry box for years). She suggested that I use the mounting and put Heather's favorite gem in it. Her favorite gem is the color-change garnet which would work perfectly as garnets also happen to be her birthstone. We discussed different options for the ring and when it was completed I had a beautiful, custom heirloom that could be passed on for generations. Thanks Heather!!


I had driven by Masterpiece Jewelry Studio many times and commented that someday¬Ě I should stop in. I am delighted to say that someday¬Ě finally arrived. I feel that I have discovered a true gem and would recommend Masterpiece Jewelry Studio without reservation - something I do not do lightly. The workmanship is superb; the selections are unique and of top quality and the prices are better than I have found anywhere. This is a no pressure establishment where the goals of the customer are also the goals of Masterpiece Jewelry Studio. I give Masterpiece Jewelry Studio and Heather a five star rating!!

AMW - Pittsfield, MA

I have been to several different jewelry stores but never one like Masterpiece Studio. The atmosphere is very calm and unassuming. You are never pressured to buy and Heather and her apprentice are very knowledgeable and helpful. There is a wide variety of items to select from in many different price ranges. I especially like the many custom pieces Heather and her apprentice Megan have created.